Margarita Shvets
Margarita Svets
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Margarita Shvets

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About Margarita Shvets

Co-Owner / Director and piano teacher.

Her education started in Russia as of elementary teacher for 1-3 grades in grade public school; piano, voice, music theory teacher in music school.


In USA She first worked as an assistant teacher in the primary level in Montessori school, and simultaneously continued her Montessori Primary Training to become a certified Primary Level Montessori Directress in 1992. With her strong motivation and passion teaching Montessori methods, she continued with introducing a lot of music in the classroom. She was a dedicated directress for many years. She embarked on a new role in 2000, when she opened Vernon Hills Montessori Academy (formerly Montessori and Music Academy ) out of her home in Vernon Hills, managing not only the daily operations but continued as a Directress and Music teacher.

Rhythm of Learning Music School provides private and group lessons to children and adults. Instruments taught include: piano, keyboard, organ, flute, drums, accordion, string instruments, and voice. The class of choir will include singing a diverse reparatory of music. The choir directors use European tension-free vocal techniques to help the kids develop their voices. At choir practice, we use choir solfeggio technique. This helps participants learn to read the music very quickly. Our singers learn to appreciate a variety of music styles from different cultures. Choir classes help to learn cooperation and appreciation of how each individual talent can contribute to the whole group success. This allows the children to develop teamwork skills. Auditions will be scheduled with our choir director. Please contact her at:


At RL Music, students not only have fun playing music, they also learn to appreciate the value of commitment, dedication, self-discipline, learning and the value  of music as an art form. But that’s not all, learning an instrument also fosters creative thinking, goal setting, increased cognitive function, self-esteem, and a sense of accomplishment.


We believe that every child can sing and everyone has musical potential. It is our job to find and grow it. Our choir consists of three levels: Introductory, Intermediate, and Performance. We will place the child according to his level of singing and skills experience. To join the choir, call and apply for an audition at: 847-878-9249 or email at:

One thing that makes us special is that ALL of our music instructors are pro musicians. Our instructors consist of not only experienced professional vocal and instrument instructors but also local recording artists, performing musicians, and songwriters. This makes our approach very hands-on and modern music based.

We have music instructors for all levels and styles of play and have a physical location at: 122 Hawthorn Center, Suite 423  Vernon Hills, IL 60061